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Tesla - News Tesla Model 3 Ascension R, Extreme -

Here is the Tesla Model 3 pushed to the maximum of its capacities thanks to a new kit which modifies the aerodynamics, the chassis and the suspensions.

Tesla is currently doing a lot of testing of its upcoming Model S Plaid on the Nordschleife. The large American electric sedan was seen with semi-slick tires, a wider chassis and even a large fixed rear wing.

But the little sister Model 3 is radicalized too, thanks to a kit of modifications presented by the American company Unplugged Performance.

Tires, brakes and suspensions

The kit consists in preserving the electric motor while maximizing the other parameters. The suspension is replaced by a new system, the brakes become much bigger as the brakes that will probably pose no problem of lower efficiency. Here is the Model 3 trimmed to beat the BMW M3 circuit …

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