News If Ferrari had designed an F50 "Long Tail" –

It could have become the most beautiful GT in the world ahead of the McLaren F1 Long Tail and the Porsche 911 GT1.

Ferrari was one of the manufacturers involved in the GT championships in the 90s. The Italian manufacturer had indeed developed an F40 to compete in the rounds of the BPR, which then brought together very beautiful racing machines (Porsche 911 GT2, Venturi, McLaren F1, Dodge Viper …).

But when these GT championships evolved into new, more efficient GT1s, the nose-up brand finally decided not to follow. She did develop a prototype F50 GT, before finally dropping the competition to focus on Formula 1. At the same time, the new extreme GT1s like the Porsche 911 GT1, the Mercedes CLK-GTR or the McLaren F1 Long Tail were preparing to race.

An F50 "Long Tail"

LMM23Design had fun imagining (virtually) an F50 GT1 "Long Tail". The car is therefore adorned with one of these famous long queues which allowed the cars to reach a higher top speed on the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. Knowing that we had to produce a road version of these racing machines in small series, it could have given us one of the most beautiful cars of the moment.

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