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A supercar of the Land Rover brand? Who would dare such a transgression?

Land Rover manufactures only SUV vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive. The English brand sells some sports versions even ultra-sports, like the Range Rover Sport SVR and its 575 horses. But no real sports car, which the group obviously leaves to the Jaguar brand.

In short, it is hard to see how Land Rover could one day make a real supercar. It would be like asking Usain Bolt to become an artistic skater: it would not make sense.

A Range Rover supercar

But that does not prevent some dreamers from having fun imagining a machine of this kind, sporting the famous "Range Rover" letters. The car (totally virtual) takes a grille and a front inspired by the models of the brand, but it really has nothing to do with the spirit of Land Rover …

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