The metropolitan council therefore adopted un project at 80 million euros which should be commissioned in 2025. The left voted for by 54 votes. The right voted against (13 votes) and finally it was the environmentalists and rebels (37 votes) who bowed and allowed the project to pass by abstaining. As the group close to LREM (11 votes) Christophe Ferrari triumphs. Explanation of Gerard Fourgeaud

Friday evening, after two hours of recess, environmentalists surrendered. We hear their despair in the voice of Francis Dietrich, the ecological mayor of Field on Drac, unable to clearly explain his vote.

Christophe Ferrari had released the public procurement code, according to which one cannot change the terms of a contract during the procedure, at the risk of going back three years. And the environmentalists who asked for only two months of delay did not want to take the risk of leaving the staff in premises which were partly unsanitary.

Politically Christophe Ferrari could have been outvoted by 61 votes against 54, if all those who did not want the project from the far right to the far left had united against him. Communists who were the allies ofEric Piolle, at the start of their mandate, this time joined forces with Ferrari to promote the project

The metropolitan council represents the inhabitants of 49 municipalities around Grenoble. 420,000 inhabitants or one third of the population of the department.

150 citizens drawn at random

àThe Metropolitan Council has also launched the process aimed at establishing a Metropolitan Citizen’s Convention for the Climate : 150 citizens drawn by lot, according to a process to be developed in the coming weeks. Regardless of the convention created last year by the government. The project was adopted by majority by all left groups. The right and the center voted against. LREM abstained.

The terms of the metropolitan citizens’ convention will be presented at a press conference on Monday