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The second generation of Toyota Mirai, the Japanese manufacturer's hydrogen sedan, will be unveiled next December.

The new production Toyota Mirai will be officially presented in Japan next December. This second generation of the hydrogen sedan, prefigured by a concept car at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, promises to be very different from its predecessor in the catalog since 2014. It should be close to said concept car from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

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New Toyota Mirai 2020 see you in December Auto - New Toyota Mirai (2020): see you in December! - Auto PlusHydrogen still very timid in France

Thanks to a larger hydrogen tank and a more efficient fuel cell, Toyota is aiming for a 30% improvement in range compared to the first generation, or around 650km with a full tank. The power of the electric motor could be revised upwards compared to the 154hp of the current model.

The new Toyota Mirai is to be marketed in France in mid-2021. His career should remain confidential there because the Hexagon has only about thirty stations where to fill up with hydrogen. Last January, however, the government announced that it would release 90 million euros to develop the hydrogen sector on a national scale.

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