The last time we saw the next-gen Land Rover Range Rover on a test drive, it was attacking the curves of the Nordschleife. The juggernaut seemed surprisingly fast, even though it wasn’t pushed to its limits. However, the latest set of spy shots from Mogwai Media shows the redesigned SUV moving at a much slower pace – stationary.

Photos show the SUV still wears a lot of camouflage, but the tight wrap reveals a bit of its styling. On the surface, the next-gen Rand Rover looks a lot like the outgoing model. It features the same shell-shaped hood and a short front overhang. The front end looks slightly more vertical than before, but this could be an effect of the camouflage that hides the grille and headlights. The rear is still heavily covered, so styling details are not easy to distinguish. We expect a new taillight design and other changes.

While the exterior will likely have a familiar look, the interior should receive a major tech overhaul. Earlier shots showed an interior partially covered with a large digital dashboard and large infotainment screen. Steering wheel controls include both physical buttons and capacitive touch buttons. The rest of the interior was either covered or incomplete, with much of the center console missing from the test vehicle.

The entry-level model should receive a six-cylinder engine mated to a mild hybrid system. There will also be a plug-in hybrid model, likely with the same 2.0-liter turbo engine. A V8 is expected to be back, although it is not clear whether the 5.0-liter will carry over to the new model or if Land Rover will replace it with BMW’s twin-turbo 4.4 L V8. We don’t know when Land Rover will unveil the new Range Rover, but we expect it to make its debut this year.

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