New parts will 'complicate life for McLaren' at Nürburgring –

McLaren brought advanced MCL35s this weekend for Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, and the latter notes that these novelties are going to be an additional trap set for the team in free practice 3 and in qualifying, while the lack of practice of this Friday will force the teams to perform a compact program.

"The different parts on the car this weekend are the main thing for us" Norris notes. "We need time to figure out how it helps the car, what effect it has, and if we need to change the balance. And all these new parts are just going to make life more difficult for us tomorrow in FP3."

"We will try to understand them and act before qualifying. Maybe it's different from the other teams but for us that's the essential plan for tomorrow. It would have been a difficult day with the rain, and that ' It is very difficult to fully understand the evolutions because it is tricky, and therefore harder to be at the limit. "

Sainz prefers to see the bright side and predicts a spectacular race: “It's going to be a tough but more interesting weekend and definitely more fun for the fans. We could have a more fun weekend since the teams didn't race.”

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