New Maserati Grecale (2021): the little brother of the Levante SUV on the way

New Maserati Grecale (2021) – Like a sleeping volcano, the Trident will suddenly wake up in 2021. As many new products will be launched in one year as during the previous decade. After the marketing of the MC20 supercar, an SUV will follow suit, shortly before the new generation of GranTurismo coupe. But, without a doubt, the main commercial stake will be embodied by the crossover, which we recently learned the baptismal name.

Stelvio bis?

Maserati Grecale is the name chosen for the second SUV in the range. Shorter than the Levante (5 meters), he should lie down on about 4.70 m, since it will probably be based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio "Giorgio" platform, his cousin within the FCA group. The stolen images of a model used in the first teaser of his communication attest to this. The architecture of the Maserati Grecale closely resembles the Milanese cousin.

A homemade V6?

From the latter, it could have inherited the 510 hp V6 housed under the hood of the Quadrifoglio variant. But Maserati should rather reserve the brand new for him House V6, unveiled on the MC20. Innovative mechanics in more ways than one, strong 630 hp, which could find its place aboard the Grecale in a deflated configuration, located around 550 hp, so as not to overshadow the 580 hp of the Levante Trofeo.

An accessible Maz?

The arrival of the Maserati Grecale will allowlower the Trident entrance ticket. One can well imagine the introduction ofa 4-cylinder engine developing around 300 hp, at a price below the € 70,000 mark. Overall, it will be for the newcomer to compete with the most upscale versions of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC, without forgetting to rub Porsche Macan.

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