Announced last December, Lexus will lift the veil on a new 100% electric concept car on Tuesday, March 30. This model will be able to benefit from the new technology called Direct4.

Today, Lexus is much better known for its hybrid models. The Japanese brand currently only has one single electric vehicle. This is the UX 300e. In other words, not a specific model, but a simple zero-emission version of the premium compact SUV. But things will soon change. Lexus is preparing to unveil a concept car in the coming days, on March 30 to be precise.. We do not yet know if it will lead to a production vehicle but which would be, if this were the case, the manufacturer’s first 100% electric model. We had a first glimpse of this model (see photo below) last December during an annual event where the Japanese manufacturer had just shared some information about it.

New Lexus electric concept car unveiled on Tuesday March 30 - New Lexus electric concept car unveiled on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - L'Automobile Magazine
First look at the concept car to be unveiled next week© Lexus

Intelligent electric transmission

We know that this vehicle (A sedan? A coupe? Still difficult to say at the moment) will be equipped with a whole new technology for the brand that it has decided to baptize Direct4. Two electric motors, one per axle, will distribute the power to the four wheels as well as possible. Each of these motors is connected to them by means of a transmission shaft. This technology instantly manages the distribution of torque to the four wheels so that it is adapted to the driving mode selected by the driver or to the driving conditions. Thus, the transmission can be done to the four wheels (with a 50/50 distribution), only to the front wheels or to the rear wheels.

This model could also be based on the brand new modular e-TNGA platform. A base mentioned by Toyota, the parent company, at the end of last year and which will be inaugurated by an SUV revealed at the time of the Shanghai Motor Show next month. The Lexus concept car, for its part, will be unveiled during an online event that you can follow on March 30 at 12 noon by following this link.

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