Bugatti reveals a date and a mysterious number to announce its next model.

Bugatti has just published a second "teaser" image to announce the upcoming presentation of a new model. This presentation is even now imminent since the manufacturer takes the opportunity to reveal the date; it will be October 28, 2020 The image in question shows a mysterious number, as chalked on a board: 0.67. Very smart who will be able to decipher this information, Bugatti giving no indication as to what it corresponds to.

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New Bugatti 5 days to wait 1 mystery to solve - New Bugatti: 5 days to wait, 1 mystery to solve! - Autoplus.frStill a little patience

The previous published image let us guess "X" tail lights for this upcoming Bugatti. According to persistent rumors, it could be a hypercar reserved for use on the circuit. Its production should be very limited, some even talking of a single model. See you in five days to find out everything!

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