This is the most efficient Bentley ever for sporty driving. The new Continental GT Speed ​​does not dare to exceed the power of the Bacalar, but it incorporates a very thorough dynamic arsenal.

Bentley finally lifts the veil on the Speed ​​version of its Continental GT, a few months after the arrival of the Bentayga Speed. As for the English SUV, late the great Mulsanne or the previous Continental GT, this name “Speed” implies a slight increase in power and performance. The Continental GT Speed ​​thus embeds a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 pushed to 659 horsepower, the maximum torque of which (900 Nm) does not change compared to the “base” Continental GT W12. It is in fact the same engine as the very exclusive Bacalar, this Bentley roadster marketed in only 12 units at more than two million euros. It is also less powerful than the old Continental GT Supersports, an extreme variant that claimed 710 horsepower.

In terms of style, it will be necessary to have an eye to distinguish the new Continental GT Speed ​​from a classic Continental W12. In addition to a few “Speed” badges on the body and in the passenger compartment, the Speed ​​has a black grille, specific 22-inch rims and side skirts. Inside, it doesn’t lose any of the opulent vibe of other versions of the Continental GT. It is still a large 2 + 2 that is both comfortable and reasonably spacious in the rear seats, with a 235-liter rear trunk in the coupe version.

A small dynamic revolution

The 24 more horses make it possible to gain a small tenth in the 0 to 100 km / h compared to the Continental GT W12 (3.6 seconds) and two km / h in maximum speed (335 km / h). But the most interesting differences do not concern straight-line performance: not only does the GT Speed ​​receive new optional carbon-ceramic brakes, allowing to gain 33 kilos on the unsprung mass scale, but it also gains the wheels. rear steering. According to Bentley, this all-wheel steering makes the GT Speed ​​the most agile road model ever seen in the brand’s history.. Compared to other Continental GTs, the Speed ​​also revises the management of its all-wheel drive, the adjustment of its suspensions, its steering and the gearbox: it would more generously return power and torque to the rear axle in Sport mode. and would make it possible to downshift lower in revs or, conversely, to wait higher in revs before upshifting. The icing on the cake, the car receives for the first time an electronically controlled rear differential. Bentley even talks about how the car behaves with the driver aids turned off, allowing for a driving experience “only surpassed by real racing Bentleys”. The Speed ​​would like the glide, it seems …

It will be sold well in France

Unlike the Bentayga Speed, Bentley is planning to market the Continental GT Speed ​​in France. So much the better because it is theoretically the best GT ever sold by Bentley. The normal Continental GT already displays astonishing dynamic efficiency despite its very high level of luxury, and this Speed ​​could perhaps come close to a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso in the register of pure driving pleasure.