New Auto Test Maserati Levante – Maserati Levante Trofeo – 29/10/2019 –

• Levante, a 580hp version under the hood
• An elegant racing car with resolutely sporty performances
• One of the most surprising sports SUVs of the moment

The Levante Trofeo (from the name of an east wind), with its 580 hp, becomes the Maserati the most temperamental road ever produced so one of the most powerful in the category. Surprisingly enough that this title comes back to an SUV.

But jealous to see his rivals ring the charge with a beautiful cavalry – BMW X6 M (575 hp), Jaguar F-Pace SVR (550 hp), Mercedes GLE 63S AMG Coupé (585 hp) and other Range Sport SVR (575 hp) -, the mark in the Trident could not remain longer spectator of this revving up.

Ferrari block

Until then, the cousin of the Alfa-Romeo Stelvio, was content with a V6 bi-turbo, developing 350 or 430 horses. To make the powder speak, the Maserati Levante borrowed the Ferrari block from the great Quattroporte GTS. With this 3.8 l surmounted by two turbos, the Italian flagship can now tackle the elite segment. If the definition 530 hp is taken again for the GTS (138 000 euros), it is an extrapolation to 580 hp with an impressive maximum torque of 730 Nm which intends to make the beautiful days of the Trofeo.

Crazy fashion Corsa

With a weight (2.2 tons anyway) lower than its competitors, it is better than to defend in terms of performance and driving pleasure. From the start, this "small" expressive V8, turns this elegant SUV into a real catapult. Refinished chassis, firm running gear, recalibrated steering, optimizations allow to cash this power gain.

Obviously, the monster is appreciated – provided to take the measure (+ 5 m) of the machine – especially by exploiting the most sporting modes to start with the original Corsa mode that releases the exhaust for a serious sound and syncopated, lower the air suspension to "drop" the ground clearance to less than 18 cm from the ground while driving aids become more permissive. The ease of entering this Maserati cornering admires.

Emotional register

Accelerations may be detonating (0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 s), thanks to a ZF automatic gearbox 8 selectable with a simple flick on the pallets, it emerges no excessive brutality of this mechanism.

The SUV Levante Trofeo really plays it in an emotional register. Besides, do not take it all-way. The all-wheel drive, focusing on the rear axle focuses its energy for motor skills in sporty driving. It's clear !

More muscle, but a line that barely evolves. However, to stand out from his brother GTS to (slightly) less sporting inclinations, the Trofeo is distinguished by more aggressive shields, carbon appendages, a hood with large air intakes and four tailpipes. This is however paid at the cash desk, with a price of EUR 158,000 which is one of the highest in the category. What to add, 10 500 euros of ecological penalty.

A temperament of fire, a power judiciously curbed, the comfortable and endearing Maserati Levante Trofeo is one of the most surprising sports SUV of the moment.

Christian Chéron

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