Netflix Tips You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of It

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Netflix Tips You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of It Pixabay

If you are a fan of the content of the streaming platform Netflix And you like to spend hours and hours enjoying the movies and series in its catalog, without a doubt you must know these tips that will help you get the most out of them.

This time, we will show you the hidden options and some Netflix tips so that you can fully enjoy how it works.

Without a doubt Netflix It’s one of the most popular platforms for watching movies and series with family or best friends and more for its amazing original content.

To fully enjoy Netflix, there are a number of Things that you can apply to get the most out of the streaming platform, so take note.

It's worth mentioning that most users stick to the default settings and basic options for convenience, but that's about to change.

Secret categories

The platform recommends similar movies, series and genres to users as seen, the bad thing about this system is that some subgenres are left out if we haven't seen something of their own. before.

The way to access these hidden categories is as follows, you must first login and enter in the browser bar but the Xs will be replaced by a numeric code which are the following:

Classic cinema on Netflix

9434 – Cult 29809 – Dramas 31273 – Romance 31574 – Classic Movies 31694 – Comedies 46553 – Series 4734 – Cult Science Fiction and Fantasy 47147 – Fantasy and Science Fiction 48744 -War 53310 -Mude

Superheroes and animation on Netflix

6721 – Anime Series 7424 – Animation Movies 67673 – Children 10118 – Superheroes

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T3rror on Netflix

75405 -Zombies 10944 – Cult 89585 – Comedy 52147 – Slasher

Documentaries on Netflix

2595 – Science and nature 4006 – Military 5349 – History 6616 – Political dramas

Other genres on Netflix

1613 – Latin American Movies 1701 – Music 6548 – Comedies 7077 – Independent Movies 7462 – Foreign Movies 8933 – Thrillers 8985 – Martial Arts Movies 10398 – Japanese Movies 10659 – Children's Education

More in the world

26146 – Crime Series 72436 – Food and Travel TV

Original titles

If you are a fan of the original content on the platform, the truth is that a lot of that content can be hidden as well, so if you want to know them all and enjoy these series you haven't seen yet, or movies that you have not yet discovered, you just have to write in the search section (magnifying glass): “Netflix”.

Change the lyrics of the subtitles

You can change the font and color to your liking, just enter the application from your computer, click on "My Account" then on "My Profile", where you can change the font. , color and size.

Spend less data on Netflix

There is an option to reduce quality and save megabytes and since the platform, by default, always reproduces with the best quality, this is a tip to keep in mind.

In the More, Account, My profile and Reading settings, the quality options offered are displayed Netflix and the approximate cost they have per hour, you just need to change it.

Ask Netflix what you want to watch

If in the platform's extensive catalog there is not everything you want to see, there is an option to resolve this issue: submit a request.

If you want something specific, tell the company and here you can send your requests and suggestions, and if you agree with what they ask, your requests will be taken care of properly.


These streamline the user experience, however, no one typically uses these features because not many people know or pay attention to them.

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