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From January, the tech world will meet in Las Vegas for CES 2020, an annual mass during which companies like Samsung present their next new products. According to rumors, the Korean giant will take advantage of this event to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Galaxy S10 Lite.

But in addition to new hardwares, Samsung also plans to lift the veil on NEON at CES.

Lots of teasing, but very little detail

As reported by the Digital Trends website, this new product was developed by a laboratory called Samsung Technology and Advanced Research or STAR Labs.

At the moment, we don't know exactly what NEON will be used for, but the team behind it really wants to be talked about. For more than two weeks, the NEON Twitter account has been posting teasers on this new product, without giving details.

In the account description, the company describes NEON as an "artificial human".

On the other hand, it will obviously not be a replacement for the Bixby assistant which is offered by the Korean giant on its smartphones (and which coexists with Google Assistant). In fact, in a tweet of December 26, it was clarified that contrary to what some media have suggested, "NEON does NOT concern Bixby or anything you have seen before. "

The mystery is therefore complete pending the official presentation to be made at CES in Las Vegas.

For his part, Panav Mistry, the head of the laboratory of Samsung, indicated that during these last years, he worked on this project.

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