NASA gives Nokia $ 14 million to install 4G on the Moon

NASA and Nokia will team up to develop a 4G network on the Moon. To do this, the Finnish operator will benefit from an envelope of $ 14.1 million. This 4G network will be used by astronauts on mission, vehicles and future lunar bases.

NASA gives Nokia 14 million to install 4G on - NASA gives Nokia $ 14 million to install 4G on the Moon
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If we no longer really hear about Nokia for its smartphones, the Finnish operator and manufacturer is on the other hand a key player in the deployment of 5G in Europe. Indeed, due to mistrust of Huawei, many governments and operators have decided to call on Nokia equipment to develop their 5G network. This is notably the case for Orange in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

And on this Friday, October 16, we learn that another major project awaits Nokia. Much more ambitious and complicated than the deployment of 5G in Europe. Indeed, NASA tasked Nokia to develop an operational 4G network on the Moon by 2024. Date on which the American space agency again wishes to send men and women to the terrestrial satellite (the famous Artemis Missions).

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Prepare for man's return to the Moon with 4G

The purpose of the maneuver is simple: offer a 4G network to which astronauts, lunar exploration vehicles and future lunar infrastructures can connect. “With funding from NASA, Nokia will investigate how terrestrial technology could be modified for the lunar environment to enable reliable and high-speed communications ”, explains Jim Reuter, mission director for NASA.

In order to achieve this feat, Nokia received an envelope of $ 14.1 million from NASA. Note that this transaction is part of a series of contracts between NASA and several companies, for a total amount of $ 370 million. These multiple partnerships were signed to better prepare for man's return to the Moon in 2024.

The contract signed with Nokia will be based on the American subsidiary of the Finnish company, while relying on the know-how of all the company's experts. “The system could support communications to the Moon's surface at greater distances, at increased speeds and provide reliability beyond current standards ”, NASA specified when awarding the contract.

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