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On the asphalt of Avenue de la République, thousands of small plastic and carbon debris still testify to the violence of the shock, this Tuesday afternoon. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the rectilinear artery which connects Colombes to Nanterre was the scene of an accident with a spectacular result: more than ten parked cars damaged and an Audi R8 reduced to pulp.

Nanterre an Audi R8 hits 13 parked cars several complaints - Nanterre: an Audi R8 hits 13 parked cars, several complaints filed - archyde
The shock shattered the Audi, literally sliced ​​in half. Twitter screenshot

The crash, which did not claim any victims, took place shortly before 5 a.m. on Sunday at the gates of the Petit-Nanterre district. In circumstances which remain to be clarified, the driver of an Audi R8 – rented like a Porsche for a wedding – has lost control of his powerful German car.

"He then went to hit thirteen cars parked on either side of the avenue," said a police source. Under the impact, the Audi was literally cut in half. "

"We folded it but everything is fine"

Posted on Twitter, a video, seen more than 150,000 times, reveals the extent of the damage. We see, in the middle of the avenue, the still smoking wreckage of a blue Audi R8 Spyder, or rather what remains of it. A wreckage, whose 500 horsepower engine, torn off by the impact, bursts into the asphalt, ten meters away.

And that's not all. On another video appears a man hilarious and shirtless, who films himself with his face uncovered and swaggering in front of the crushed sheet metal: "Hamdoulilah, everything is fine," he blurted out, moving the lens of his cell phone over the jagged wreckage. We folded it up but everything is fine… ”

The individual, whose face looks familiar in the streets of Petit Nanterre, was not present when the first police crews arrived on the scene, shortly after the accident. “Apart from the damaged cars, there was absolutely no one in the street,” the same source specifies. And the search for possible injuries in surrounding hospitals did not come up either. "

The investigation, entrusted to the Nanterre police station, should therefore make it possible to determine who was behind the wheel of the famous Audi at the time of the accident.

At least five complaints filed

"That night, it was a while since we heard the engines roar and apparently, the steering wheels of the two cars passed from hand to hand," reports a resident. What confirms a police source: “The car passed from hand to hand. We need to identify the driver. "

"You don't have to have anything in your head to screw up boxes of this value and damage the cars of people who haven't asked for anything from anyone," squeaks another resident of the neighborhood. The luck of these guys is that they didn't hurt or die ”.

In the neighborhood, people denounce regular nocturnal “rodeos”. "It looks like it indeed," says a relative of the investigation. In any case for the time being, the examination of the first videos does not attest that the two rental vehicles were engaged in races at the time of the accident. This Tuesday, at least five owners of damaged cars had filed a complaint.

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