More than 33% of Android users could switch to iOS with the iPhone 12

As you know, Apple will soon announce its brand new iPhone range, which will consist of four terminals, including a highly anticipated iPhone 12 Mini. Fans of the apple brand are obviously impatient to get their hands on the new creations of the American brand … but they are obviously not the only ones.

From Android to iPhone 12?

Indeed, according to a recent study conducted by SellCell, based on a panel of more than 2,000 Android smartphone users in the United States, as many as 33% said the new iPhone 12 could be their next smartphone. This would not be explained by specific features of the next iPhone, but rather by software reasons, and practical.

Indeed, for more than 55% of respondents, iPhone 12 will benefit from better support from Apple when it comes to iOS updates. In this regard, it is difficult to mistake the American company, whose recent iOS 14 is compatible with the iPhone 6S (from 2015). Just under 50% of those polled also cite privacy protection, which is better (according to respondents) at Apple than at Google.

Sondage Android iPhone 12 - More than 33% of Android users could switch to iOS with the iPhone 12

Among the other factors mentioned, the compact size of the future iPhone 12. Indeed, we know that Apple will decline its future smartphones in several versions, including one " small " iPhone 12 Mini (with a 5.4 ″ screen) that could catch the eye of many users, now tired of having to handle a smartphone whose screen blithely exceeds 6 ″ diagonally …

So, to the question, "Which model of iPhone 12 would you choose? ", more than 48% of respondents answered the iPhone 12 Mini, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max, at 22.9%. Obviously, if the interest of finding a smartphone "Compact" seems particularly lively among many users, we do not yet know at what price this future iPhone 12 Mini will be offered, a key factor here too when it comes to acquiring, or not, a new smartphone …

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