Morbihan: A driver flashed at 217 km / h at the wheel of his BMW – 20 Minutes

The BMW flashed at 217 km / h on a road in Morbihan was seized. – Gendarmerie des Côtes-d'Armor

Beep beep ! A driver was obviously in too much of a hurry on Saturday morning on the roads of Morbihan. At the wheel of his BMW, he was flashed by the police at 217 km / h at the commune of Evellys. On this county road located between Pontivy and Locminé, the maximum authorized speed is however 110 km / h. The driver was stripped of his driver's license in the process. His vehicle was also "the subject of a judicial immobilization", indicates the gendarmerie of Morbihan
on his Facebook page.

During the morning, the gendarmes recorded nine speeding trips on this axis. A motorist was thus checked at 155 km / h with almost one gram of alcohol in his blood. Another also drove at the same speed under the influence of narcotic drugs.

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