Month without tobacco: 3 unusual tips to stop smoking

November 1, 2019 launched #MoisSansTabac, a great collective challenge to encourage the maximum number of smokers to quit smoking for 30 days. And to help you realize it, here are some tips that change.

In addition to preserving your health, there are many good reasons to stop smoking. Already, it improves the quality of your skin, your complexion, your hands and your teeth. Finished teeth and fingertips yellowed by cigarette, bad breath and dull complexion. Then, it allows you to make big savings, that you can keep to do something that is important to you, like a trip, more enjoyable outings or shopping. In short, it's all good. But you are allowed, quitting is easier said than done. You have already tried several times, by the way, but you have not managed to hold. And if you tried more unusual tricks?

Play Tetris

In 2014, researchers at the University of Plymouth, England, tested the elaborate intrusion theory, which consists of curbing certain desires by orienting the brain towards another visual source, thus stimulating the will. Result? People who played Tetris as soon as they had cravings or cravings lost that desire. So you know what you have to do when you want to take a cigarette: play Tetris! But we suppose it works with other games, like Candy Crush.

Prepare a non-smoking kit

The most difficult thing when trying to quit smoking is to have nothing to take care of your hands or put in your mouth. The solution ? Prepare a kit with chewing objects and things of all kinds, like chewing gum, touillettes, cinnamon sticks, an elastic band or an anti-stress ball. That way, as soon as you want to smoke, you just have to take out one of the objects to take care of your hands or your mouth. The desire should then pass after a few minutes.

Take Kudzu

The what ? Kudzu, a perennial native to the Far East, known for its anti-stress properties but also for fight against addictions, such as the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. It can be consumed in capsules to swallow with water, in lozenges to suck, but also in dried flowers, infused in boiling water for inhalation. This is the most natural trick to stop smoking and just for that, it's worth a try, right? To make up for all these years when you helped to pollute with your smoke.

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