Montezemolo identifies Ferrari management mistakes –

Recently, Luca di Montezemolo admitted to having underestimated the challenge posed by the hybrid in Formula 1, and blamed himself for some of Ferrari's delay in this matter as he was president of the Scuderia at the time. He adds today that he thinks that some recruitments and transfers of engineers were not the most inspired after that.

"The people who ran Ferrari after that had neither the experience nor the skills" explains di Montezemolo. "They thought they could just do it with a snap of their fingers and win quickly in Formula 1."

The Italian looks back on some mistakes he made, and considers them to be incorrect "to let James Allison go. I name him, but I could name others. Then they made the mistake of transferring some really good engineers from the road cars to F1. But F1 requires totally different skills. "

In Ferrari's defense, James Allison left Italy after his wife’s death to return to the UK, and later signed with Mercedes. On the other hand, Montezemolo sees Ferrari's willingness to recruit more Italians into its organization chart as a mistake, and knows that Enzo Ferrari would see it as a mistake too.

"Enzo always told me that if the best rider was in Guatemala, he had to be recruited. It's the same with engineers. We have to hire the best people to improve performance. And those engineers can then help young talent to develop."

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