Julie Rieb is the only graduate in the Gers from the school of biodynamic psychology, a little-known discipline which nevertheless obtains incredible results with audiences of all ages.

Her office opens at 13, rue Victor Hugo in Vic-Fezensac on Monday July 12 for teenagers, adults, seniors and in September for children, an area in which Julie specializes.

Meeting with a body therapist convinced by the benefits of this therapy that she experienced on her own person:

Journal of the Gers: Can you explain to us what biodynamic psychology is?

Julie Rieb: The school of biodynamic psychology was founded in the 1950s by Gerda Boyesen. Clinical psychologist, she is oriented through her training towards the concepts of Wilhelm Reich and Gustav Jung. These important personalities of the first psychoanalytic movement consider that the unconscious is present in biochemical form in the body.

Thus, it is possible to work on psychic issues through the body.

Our history is written in our skin, tissues, muscles, bones, membranes and viscera. The principle being to put back into circulation the old repressed and undigested experiences.

And it is the body’s natural basic function to digest its history: when it no longer succeeds because of too much accumulation, the body stores it … it is for this reason that we have more easy to remember painful events!

We have a whole range of tools such as dreams, family history, scenarios, rooted words, basic welcome …

But the main tool is the therapeutic touch, the manipulations, at least for those who accept to be touched.

Journal of the Gers: How are the sessions going?

Julie Rieb: With adults, we will start with a speaking time – but this is not mandatory – then we move on to the body phase.

The answer is individual and adapted to the moment and to the emotional and physical state of each one. The regularity of the sessions is a guarantee of quality in this work: the body needs time to let emerge what it keeps in its drawers … each session is different, it is a dynamic process.

We work slowly with adults, it’s faster with children.

When it comes to working with a child, I start with a telephone interview with one or more parents so as not to impose a face-to-face questioning on the child. And this allows me to make a first diagnosis: family history, the course of pregnancy and birth are key elements of our constitution.

The session takes place a time with one or the parents, then a time with the child.

Sometimes it is simply to accompany parenthood; a few tips are enough to get everything back to normal!

Journal of the Gers: You have chosen to add a “children” specialty in your training.

Can you tell us about this component?

Julie Rieb: If I wanted to settle in Vic, it was precisely to be able to develop this dimension. I already practice in Caillavet but I needed more space to accommodate the children.

I will indeed create what is called a sensory space inspired by Snoezelen spaces.

In this dedicated space, the objective is to bring the child towards his sensations in a fun way.

I will not open this space until September because I need the time to furnish it with colors, objects, decoration is very important.

This therapy is suitable for children of all ages as well as so-called “atypical” or “dysfunctional” children: hyperactive, gifted, supposedly “maladaptive”, behavioral disorders …

The important thing in this way of working is to highlight the child’s resources, his capacities, because there always are. Biodynamic psychology starts from the status quo that we all have a “healthy core” to support and develop.

Journal of the Gers: At the other end of the age pyramid, you also work with seniors.

Julie Rieb: Yes indeed, therapeutic touch can relieve joint pain for example, it brings the possibility of relaxation on many levels.

The spectrum of action is very wide because we work on the internal functioning of the body as a whole. The field of action of the psycho-corporal therapy allows to approach gently many disorders: sleep, food, digestion, anxieties, burn out, conflictual relations, traumas, phobias …

We assume that if there is pain (whether physical or psychological), it is because the body has put it in place for a reason and that something needs to circulate.

There is in this discipline a great respect for the mechanisms of the body: it acts autonomously in the management of our experience and I work in close connection with this autonomy.

Journal of the Gers: Why did you choose this discipline?

Julie Rieb: It was my personal story that brought me there.

I was a ballet dancer from the age of 5 and suffered greatly from it.

At 22 I was “broken”; I tried several solutions and by the greatest of luck, I encountered biodynamic psychology: I knew straight away that it was the solution.

In fact, I landed in my body and, in the process, I did the 5 years of training to “save my skin”, there are no other words!

For 12 years, I was anorexic, looking for solutions to get out of it.

With biodynamic psychology, in 2 years, it was resolved definitively and gently without ever talking about food …

I can therefore attest to the effectiveness of the method and that is why I want to make it known.

Journal of the Gers: Did you give up dancing?

Julie Rieb: Classical dance yes! But I never stopped dancing. I am currently in training with Véronique Pioch, a training entitled “Dancing and being danced”.

I intend to offer later workshops of bodily awakening in music for young and old. Free movement of course, to playfully develop bodywork, breathing, imagination, movement.

Journal of the Gers: You work with “living things”. How can you manage to separate things out and not be too impacted by the emotions that your patients are going through?

Julie Rieb: We have a solid background which allows us to remain neutral. I do not “absorb” the emotions and the story of the other, I welcome them completely so that they can be evacuated, it is a specific posture.

Above all, I am “supervised”, that is to say that I regularly talk about my work with people trained to guarantee the neutrality of my therapeutic presence during the sessions. In fact, the biodynamic therapist is in an attitude of unconditional welcoming of each person as a whole. So the blockages somehow melt away.

Behavior is never judged.

Journal of the Gers: What are your opening slots going to be?

Julie Rieb: My practice is open every day of the week. The duration (1h to 1h30) and the regularity of the sessions are defined at the first meeting.

One session per week allows intensive work.

Some people come once a month to give themselves a moment of relaxation.

Everyone’s needs are different and constantly changing.

For more information on the method:


Julie rieb

13 rue Victor Hugo

32 190 Vic-Fezensac

Sessions by appointment on 06 65 20 90 14

Price: 50 euros / 1h