At the beginning of January, as we can see in a video shot by one of his friends, the Youtubeur TheStradman, an American collector of exceptional cars had his order delivered to Los Angeles, placed two years ago with the Bugatti workshops. The Alsatian manufacturer of haute couture vehicles has once again distinguished itself by the excellence and excessiveness of this unique model. He manufactured a Divo meeting the rather high demands of one of his American customers: the “Lady Bug”. Covered with a special coating that required months of development, the tricolor creature is powered by the now legendary 8-liter Bugatti W16 engine with a power of 1,500 hp at 380 km / h. Unreason is priceless.

To afford this technological gem with sharp lines, its happy owner had to pay the tidy sum of 5 million euros ($ 5.4 million).

18 months of research and testing

At this catalog price, the hypercar designer from Molsheim offers home delivery. Transported by plane to the United States, it was in an unmarked truck that the car arrived safely. The Divo was unloaded in a parking lot without a buzz or a trumpet, but with extreme meticulousness. It was then taken in hand for its start-up.

Its customization took nearly a year and a half of research and testing from Bugatti designers, whose client wanted a very specific set. The Divo’s dress is made up of 1,600 red diamonds (Customer Special Red), the dimensions of which are identical throughout the body. This “geometric-dynamic algorithmic fading pattern” should not undergo any deformation on the tortuous silhouette of the car. To meet this challenge, Bugatti explains that the “diamonds were transferred to a film which was then stuck on the bodywork”. Each of the 1,600 diamonds was then adjusted one by one.

Bugatti describes the process that led to the end result: “At the start of 2020, developers and designers alike spent hours on a test vehicle before being satisfied. Shortly before the vehicle is delivered to the customer, the dress rehearsal takes place on another test vehicle. “” On this difficult job, everything must be impeccable and so we decided to start another test procedure before finalization. Because only one test was possible on the customer’s vehicle. And it had to go off without a hitch, ”explains Dirk Hinze, expert in“ individual spaces and surfaces ”at Bugatti.

The Divo has thus become a futuristic sculpture with impressive performance. Bugatti limited its production to forty copies. Suffice to say that the owner of the “Lady Bug” is part of a very closed circle of hyper sports fans with a rather solid financial base. Moreover, according to his friend TheStradman, this is not his first purchase from Bugatti. He even seems to have a soft spot for the Alsatian brand. He would already own a Chiron, a Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo and a Veyron Vitesse. A few million dollars under the hood. And a limitless passion that we must, of course, be able to afford. Now don’t look at your Dinky Toys collection with that crestfallen air. There are no small pleasures. Vroom!