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Mohamed VI is said to be the fifth richest monarch in the world. His colossal fortune allows him to spend lavishly and to do many follies, which is not to the taste of his subjects …

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has luxurious tastes and never hid it … His latest find annoyed more than one. The one who has unconditional love for France has offered himself a pied-à-terre in Paris of more than 80 million euros, as revealed by the Africa Intelligence newspaper. When the king of Morocco loves, he doesn't count. However, his tastes, considered a little too "flashy", do not appeal to his subjects, especially in the midst of the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This luxury mansion, with an area of ​​over 2,145 m² on three levels, composed of a garden, a terrace, an indoor swimming pool and many other infrastructures in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris is not the only whim of the King of Morocco. Mohammed VI, who recently had heart surgery, is renowned for his colossal expenses. The Moroccan independent journalist, Salah Elayoubi, recalled on his blog some transactions with astronomical sums that the monarch has carried out in recent years. He made particular reference in 2009 to a ferrying of a king's Aston Martin by cargo plane to Cranfield, England, for a simple overhaul. Otherwise, it is the acquisition of a private jet Gulfstream, worth 60 million euros, for Crown Prince Moulay Hassan in 2018, without forgetting the monarch's vacation on a yacht, accompanied by a hundred people. So you have to imagine the size of the yacht …

"a provocative billionaire"

Journalist Salah Elayoubi echoes the anger of the Moroccan people on his blog. "The latest revelations in the international press [on the purchase of the mansion] have largely contributed to amplifying the king's reputation for greed and eroding his capital of sympathy. The uninhibited and ostentatious affairism of the royal family does the rest. Mohammed VI is behaving more and more like a provocative billionaire. They are far from the first moments of the reign, when the marketing of the palace invented the legend of the king of the poor."Lalla Salma's husband has a personal fortune of nearly 5 billion euros. El Confidencial media revealed this information:"The fortune of the Moroccan royal family is estimated at 6.97 billion euros, of which 4.85 would belong to the king, which would make him the fifth richest monarch in the world, according to various trade publications. " A sum to make your head spin!

Mohammed VI Aston Martin yacht and private jet the follies - Mohammed VI: Aston Martin, yacht and private jet, the follies of the monarch - Gala
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