An altercation between the owner of a Tesla Model 3 and the owner of a BMW turned into a disaster, causing a quadruple accident.

Model 3 a fool in a BMW spits on his - Model 3: a fool in a BMW spits on his Tesla just before causing a huge accident - phonandroid
Credit: Unsplash

As you may know, the Tesla Model 3 are equipped with several on-board cameras. Sentinel mode, integrated in 2019 on Tesla models equipped with the improved Autopilot, monitors and films in 360 ° the surroundings of the sedan. This system is designed to deter theft and acts of vandalism, and provides evidence to insurance and law enforcement in the event of a problem.

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 also has another camera located just above the interior rearview mirror. Since an update deployed in June 2020, this camera is capable of filming passengers a few seconds before a road accident. Thanks to these extracts, the manufacturer wishes to examine the behavior of drivers before a collision.

And as said above, this armada of cameras can be useful, in particular when a motorist a little recovered seeks to do battle. This is what happened to the owner of a Tesla Model 3. While waiting at a red light, a spat begins with the owner of a BMW. The two vehicles are side by side.

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What the clip doesn't show is that the driver of the BMW opened his door, got out of his car, tried to push me to get out of my car to fight with him. When I ignored those attempts, that's where the streak begins. He spits on me and throws me a dime on the car. All because I honked when I noticed he was approaching the back of my car ”, details the owner of the Tesla Model 3.

It should be noted that the impact of the part on the bodywork triggered the cameras, which allows us to benefit from the cockpit view of the owner of the Tesla Model 3. At this precise moment, the well-reassembled driver of the BMW decides to 'suddenly accelerate and grill the fire … You can imagine, what had to happen happened. A car engages at this time, result: a quadruple accident, a hefty note to pay for the culprit, and an instant return of karma.

Source: InsideEVs