While Xiaomi continues the deployment of the international version of MIUI 12, its custom ROM based on Android 11, the manufacturer has just published an online survey. The reason ? Obtain as much information as possible about the bugs of its last overlay.

xiaomi miui twelve
Credit: Xiaomi

As you probably know, Xiaomi officially presented the international version of MIUI 12, its custom ROM based on Android 11, in March 2021. At the moment, the rollout of the No.2 overlay in Europe is still underway. deployment. In parallel, Xiaomi has already started broadcasting MIUI 12.5 on several devices, including the Mi 11 series.

However and as with each deployment of a new overlay, MIUI 12 does not escape its share of bugs of all kinds. And faced with the growing number of complaints on the manufacturer’s official forums, Xiaomi has decided to go fishing for information. Indeed, the Chinese company recently published an online survey (since closed), dedicated in particular to bugs spotted on MIUI 12.

Aimed at users of the international version of MIUI 12 in Europe, Russia, Indonesia, India, Turkey and Taiwan, the survey first asks if you are using a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco smartphone. Xiaomi then looks to find out what features you would like to see coming to MIUI 12 and why.

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Xiaomi asks for help to spot MIUI 12 bugs

The fifth question is then dedicated to bugs, the builder simply asking you what problems you encountered with the new overlay and if you want to leave a comment on it. In the comments section of the survey, users reported many bugs, such as cases of overheating when filming in 4K 60 FPS with a Poco F1, the disappearance of the recharge animation on the lock screen (Poco X3 NFC) or problems with WhatsApp notifications on the Mi 10 Pro.

The list is quite extensive. Besides, remember that the MIUI 12 bug tracker is already in its second volume. It still has dozens of bugs with the status “Reported”. In other words, these issues have not yet dealt with by Xiaomi. Anyway, the high number of malfunctions on MIUI 12 is not surprising. Xiaomi has always made sure that Android 11 is the most difficult update to customize.

Source: NoteBookCheck