Miscellaneous – Justice | A BMW sets fire to rue Edmond-Flamand – Le Républicain Lorrain

The driver got a scare. This Saturday, September 5, around 1:45 p.m., a resident of Niderviller left the commercial area of ​​Bièvre. While driving, he notices that some of the controls in his car are not working normally. Cautiously, he drives slowly, then parks in rue Edmond-Flamand, in Sarrebourg. When he opens the trunk of his BMW, where the vehicle's batteries are located, he sees the start of a fire, which has broken out for some unexplained reason. He then takes out his things, while calling for help.

Arrived on the spot, the firefighters of Sarrebourg can only extinguish the disaster which has already spread to the entire interior. During the intervention, the Sarrebourg police secured the scene. Luckily, no injuries were to be deplored.

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