The launch period for new iPhones is an opportunity for future users to ask themselves the question: how to transfer data from an old smartphone to a new one? During the configuration phase of the brand new iPhone, two options (available since iOS 12.4) are available from the quick start panel: Transfer from iPhone and Download from iCloud. For this last option, which may take some time depending on the quality of the Wi-Fi (Apple mentions 15 minutes), both smartphones must be connected to the current.

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The function of migrating data from an old iPhone is faster since it is not subject to the vagaries of the wireless network (between 5 and 10 minutes according to Apple). But it does require accessories: a Lightning to USB-A cable (which must certainly be lying around in a drawer) and the camera adapter (€ 45). It is imperative that the iPhones are powered, which allows this accessory as illustrated by Alexander Blach below.

The main task of this adapter is to transfer photos and videos from camera to iPhone or iPad. But occasionally, it can provide other services such as data migration between two iPhones (but no iPad, this method is only compatible with the smartphone…).

Apple's support sheet on data migration was recently updated, there is still no question of wired transfer with iPhones on induction chargers. It can be concluded that this possibility is not on the agenda, which would eliminate the camera adapter from the equation (but you will still need an adapter at some point, the cables Lightning to Lightning not running the streets).

The transfer of data from a backup stored on the Mac or in iCloud is obviously still possible (see this help sheet).