Microsoft launches a new application on Android: Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one app

Microsoft is changing its strategy on Android and now offers a single Office application to unify Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

microsoft office beta - Microsoft launches a new application on Android: Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one appMicrosoft is heavily invested in the Android ecosystem. The publisher offers his own launcher, but also his services. In this category, the best known is still Microsoft Office that the firm offers in the form of a suite of different applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but also Office Lens to scan documents.

All this now changes with the launch of the new Office application.

Microsoft Office combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications in one application. It allows you to quickly edit a document …

3 reasons to download this application

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint unified
  • Integrated Office Lens
  • Sign PDFs or note reminders

An all-in-one application

Microsoft has indeed published on the Play Store a new application soberly named "Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more" which as the name suggests proposes to bring all the aforementioned applications in a single app. The application is currently in " early access », That is to say in beta.

In addition to creating or editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from the smartphone, the application also integrates Office Lens capabilities to scan documents, whiteboards or even simple QR codes.

Hard to know what future Microsoft reserves for previous separate applications. The editor seems for the moment focused on its new unified application.

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