Michigan: "Samsung satellite" crashes in the garden of an American couple – CNEWS.com

This Michingan couple did not expect that. A "satellite" stamped Samsung dropped from the sky ended its run on their ranch around 8:45 am this Saturday.

Nancy and her husband heard the sound of the crash just as they were about to pull out their horses.

The American, in shock, filmed the object in question before sharing the video of her discovery on the Internet. "Thank God, the horses were not out," she said with relief during the recording.

Part of the gear got stuck in one of the trees on his property.

Space Selfie, an equipment for making selfies in space

In reality, it is a Samsung equipment called "Space Selfie", a system incorporating a high-altitude balloon and a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

The goal ? Allow anyone to take a selfie in space.

Model Cara Delevingne lent her face for the first "Space Selfie" experiment, when it was launched on October 24th.

A well-planned landing, according to Samsung

According to USA Today, the Korean manufacturer announced, in a statement released later this Saturday, that the return to Earth of its equipment "Space selfie" was well planned that day evoking "a smooth morning landing in a zone chosen rural area.

A version of events with which Nancy will probably find it difficult to agree, if it is indeed the same satellite she found in her garden.

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