Michel Dussargues' cuisine makes a recipe on radio waves

In the butcher's queue, close your eyes for a moment. This warm voice is the same as that heard on Wednesday morning between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Radio Bleu Gard Lozère, that of Michel Dussargues sharing culinary secrets and giving recipes. He lives in the Extréchure. The activity of his auto-enterprise based in Saint-Jean-du-Gard often brings him to the village. Michel defines himself, "as a kitchen consultant, friend of conviviality." He adds : " On the radio, I enjoy. "

In 2016, a cook in the organic canteen of Soudorgues, he contacted Serge Delcour who is looking for a cooking speaker for his show.

A family influence

The faconde, Michel's skills and his love of quality local products seduce the host. This is how the young retiree finds himself embarking, for his greatest pleasure, on this radio adventure

However nothing intended the young postman of 18 years left from Saint-Privat-les-Vieux for Paris to become a cook. To understand, you have to remember family influence. "I learned to cook with my mother and my grandmother. I always hung out with them around the stoves ", he remembers. He accepts the proposition of the owner of the restaurant L'Estaminet with whom he drank coffee in the morning, next to Les Halles. He helps him out just to deal with the chef's unexpected departure. For two years, that will be La Poste and the pots. Even today he admits: " I can't stay idle. I boost. "

Since Covid-19, sanitary rules oblige, he intervenes from his home thanks to an adequate technical installation: " I regret the atmosphere of the studio, on the radio in Nîmes indicates Michel. The tone of his voice remains enthusiastic and leaves no doubt. He enjoys talking and talking meals: "Via Facebook in particular, I respond to listeners who are always eager for advice. At the moment, I am asked a lot about pies, savory and sweet. Because of the season ", he says. His notebook at hand, he says: " If I practice improvisations on a dish, I never forget to write it down and to put these novelties in the book where all my recipes are classified"And with greed in his voice, he willingly accepts to deliver the subject of Crazy next Wednesday. On the menu, little stuffed!

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