We sorted through the many Xiaomi smartphones on the market to determine the best value for money. And in this little game, it is the Mi 10, a 5-star terminal currently under € 500, which wins in our opinion.

Xiaomi has established itself in a few years as one of the major players in the smartphone market in general and low cost in particular. The Chinese manufacturer also places no less than 23 references in our comparison dedicated to smartphones, and for good reason. Its terminals are often rather affordable in their respective ranges, while maintaining a certain level of requirement both in terms of performance and finish. But right now, which one has the best balance between reasonable price and product care? In other words, which Xiaomi smartphone offers the best value for money on the market?

As usual, we searched our database to answer this question as precisely as possible. And in our eyes, the Mi 10 offers the best compromise. At the time of writing, it is quite simply the cheapest 5-star smartphone in our comparison, displayed at € 499 on the Rue du Commerce website. Normally, it is often found around 600 €, but, even at this price, it remains an excellent compromise.

We tested this smartphone almost a year ago to the day, and it is still today one of the best references on the market. It is equipped with a perfectly calibrated OLED panel, a Snapdragon 865 SoC that allows it to offer solid performance, and high-level photo modules, if we exclude an ultra-wide-angle lens a little below. We even made it a very valid competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 7T Pro, two references at the time.

Its advantages

  • A well-calibrated OLED screen
  • Very good performance
  • A successful photo part overall
  • A champion’s autonomy

What might hold you back

  • Disappointing ultra-wide-angle photo module
  • No waterproof certification
  • We expected even higher performance

As an alternative

The Redmi Note 9T is the cheapest 5G smartphone on the market today, with a price set at less than € 200 at some retailers. However, it does not demerit and has many qualities. It cannot claim the trophy for the best quality / price ratio because of its shortcomings, especially in photos, but its screen is for example very correct, as are its performance.