The case had caused a stir last year: Nokia sued Daimler for fraudulent and unauthorized use of certain on-board technologies based on patents filed by the Finnish giant. Daimler, and in particular its subsidiary Mercedes, risked big in the event of victory of Nokia in appeal with the suspension of the sales of all the cars of the mark until the matter was not settled.

The center of the contention was over Daimler’s method of negotiating prices for Nokia technologies, which continued to buy from suppliers, at low prices for the German giant, but not for Nokia.

Mercedes was the last “refractory” manufacturer not to go through the Avanci pool for the acquisition of patented technologies and their payment by royalty. Audi and BMW, for their part, have been following this path for two years already. Daimler and Nokia have not disclosed the details of the deal, but it still allows Mercedes to take advantage of Nokia’s patents without fear of further legal action that could have been problematic in Europe for the sale of cars.