Mercedes makes fun of BMW for Halloween –

BMW tried to buy Mercedes for Halloween, but it was the star brand that finally got the last word.

German premium manufacturers do not hesitate to bicker nicely in the United States, where comparative advertising is commonplace. In some campaigns, brands are often measured against direct competitors, just to pretend to do better than the latter. And sometimes with a lot of humor.

Here is a new proof with this image broadcast by BMW USA on his Twitter account during Halloween. It shows a Mercedes E-Class covered with a tarp with a BMW 5 Series printed on it, accompanied by the comment "Now all cars dress like their favorite superheroes".

Mercedes returns the situation

But the answer of Mercedes, particularly effective, rather gives the victory of this duel to the mark to the star: "Thank you BMW, it is a really scary costume for Halloween, especially at the level of the calender". In short, did not look for them …

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