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Icon maker Mercedes, the G-Class, the 4×4 Cx of a Norman wardrobe, will convert to the electricity fairy to the delight of Arnold Schwarzenegger, his biggest fan.

There are timeless automotive icons like the Mercedes G-Class, which appeared 40 years ago. This cubic 4×4 with the coefficient of penetration (Cx) of a Norman cupboard and with gargantuan appetite (between 11 and 13 l / 100 km in mixed cycle) is considered anachronistic in these times when one electrifies at all goes.

Called to disappear, the legend Class G will finally end thanks to a certain … Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, the California actor and former governor, an ardent advocate of ecology, is a fan of the G-Class. Invited to the presentation of the new G-Class in Detroit in January 2018, Arnold Schwarzenegger had questioned Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler – retired since – about the possibility of one day seeing an electric G-Class.
To which Dieter Zetsche had replied "stay tuned", while stating that Mercedes had committed to electrify all of its existing range in addition to a range dedicated to the electrical called" EQ ". (source: Automotive News)

The official announcement was made by Ola Källenius, the new President of Daimler and CEO of Mercedes-Benz, at the event Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin. On the other hand, no production date has been communicated.

Ola Källenius recalled that Mercedes would invest more than 10 billion euros for the development of the EQ range dedicated to electric vehicles. By 2022, a dozen vehicles would be offered. In addition to the EQ range, all existing vehicles will have an electric version giving customers the opportunity to opt for the engine of their choice. Finally, nearly 50 Mercedes electric vehicles will be offered.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latter managed to get his 100% electric G class prepared by the German Kreisel, a specialist in the battery and transformation of electric combustion vehicles.

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