Mercedes-Benz will say goodbye to Renault's 1.5 dCi – 45 Seconds

The partnership between Renault and Daimler, which guarantees the supply of 1.5 dCi from the first to the second it should end later this month, say the French from L’Argus, when we know the 2021 range (MY2021) of Class A, Class B and CLA.

Renault’s popular 1.5 dCi will no longer be fitted with the 180 d versions of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class and CLA, but will continue to be present in several Renault, Dacia and Nissan.

Instead of the Gallic tetracylindrical we have a version of the Diesel OM 654q, the Mercedes-Benz inline four-cylinder block, with a capacity of 2.0 l, which we already know from the 200 d 220 d versions.

The CLA is one of the models that will stop using the French-origin diesel engine. © Raul Mártires / Razão Automóvel

A change that had been planned for some time. GLB, which uses the same MFA base as classes A, B and CLA, was the first to dispense with 1.5 dCi, its 180 version already being served by the 2.0 l block, OM 654q. And the same thing happened with the new GLA.

Coincidentally, this new version of the 2.0 Diesel delivers the same 116 hp of the 1.5 dCi in the GLB and GLA, but because it still has 500 cm3 promises greater availability.

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