Mercedes-Benz unveils its electric vehicle concept inspired by the movie Avatar – Clubic

Mercedes Benz unveils its electric vehicle concept inspired by the movie - Mercedes-Benz unveils its electric vehicle concept inspired by the movie Avatar - Clubic

Presented for the first time at CES 2020, we were finally able to observe the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR in action, in a video published by the brand. Inspired by the movie Avatar, the prototypical vehicle has a design that does not go unnoticed.

The idea behind Vision AVTR is to allow the driver to " merge With the vehicle, in the manner of the protagonist of the film with his Banshee – these large colored birds. In addition to its atypical design underlined by characteristic rear fins, the Vision AVTR has a kind of joystick on which you pass the apple of your hand to control the car. Welcome to Mercedes-Pandora.

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A concept car from the future

When the Vision AVTR concept was presented at CES 2020, the vehicle had impressed its world. We were far from thinking that Mercedes would make it a reality, however, the brand has just released a video of a functional version of its Vision.

The Vision AVTR works with a fully electric motor, Mercedes explains. She uses a " revolutionary battery based on organic cells based on graphenes ”, With 110 kWh to ensure 700 km of autonomy. No other precision is made concerning the internal characteristics of the vehicle.

From the outside, we notice, first, spherical wheels allowing the vehicle to move sideways, like a crab. The Vision AVTR is also adorned with kinds of "scales" on the back. Named " bionic shutters "By Mercedes, these move according to the movements of the vehicle and would allow" communicate with the outside ". The whole is irradiated with a clear blue light.

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A " controller »To merge with Vision AVTR

But what is, arguably, the most intriguing feature of this concept car is its steering wheel. This is not located in front of the driver and does not have a circular shape. It is a kind of lever, installed between the two front seats.

By positioning the apple of his hand on the joystick and tilting it to one side or the other, the driver can move his machine forward, turn or reverse. This is what, according to Mercedes, does " merge »The human with the vehicle. We can briefly observe its operation from 12:30 in the video above.

If it rolls, the Vision AVTR remains, of course, a concept. It is therefore unlikely that it will end up in our garages in the years to come. However, a functional vehicle of this type is still worth a heck of a look.

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