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Gradually, the manual transmission is disappearing from our cars. In the United States, this transmission has long since become anecdotal. In Europe, it persists, but not for very long. Manufacturers have drastically reduced their offer, and this should increase over the years.

According to Mercedes-Benz R&D manager Markus Schaefer, the manual gearbox is in danger of disappearing. Not that the customers of the star brand do not want it anymore, but for financial reasons. Indeed, Mercedes-Benz spends millions of euros on the development of its electric cars. At the same time, it must reduce its costs, and this inevitably involves reducing the supply. In addition to removing the manual gearbox, Mercedes-Benz wants to rationalize its platforms and reduce the number of heat engines.

The German manufacturer fully intends not to miss the turn of the electric, moreover, recently, it published several information and images concerning its EQ range. Next year, Mercedes-Benz will market the EQS, then the EQE. But first, he intends to put the EQA and EQB SUVs on the market. Other electric models are coming …

Some existing models are in the hot seat. We think in particular of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé and Cabriolet. These two models are unlikely to be renewed. They will be replaced in a way by the new SL which is under development.

In short, you will understand, the Mercedes-Benz of tomorrow will not look like the Mercedes-Benz of today. Its range will accommodate many electric models while thermal engines and manual transmissions should gradually disappear from the catalog.

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