By Le Figaro with AFP

- Mercedes-Benz strengthens ties with Aston Martin - Le Figaro
Mercedes-Benz wants to increase its stake in the capital of the British luxury car manufacturer from 5% to 20%. Patrik Stollarz / AFP

The German Mercedes-Benz announced Tuesday a strengthening of its technological partnership with Aston Martin which should allow it to increase its share in the capital of the British luxury car manufacturer up to 20%.

The agreement gives Aston Martin access to a series of technologies developed by the star brand for its new generation of hybrid and electric engines as well as various components, Mercedes-Benz said in a statement.

In exchange, the Daimler subsidiary will gradually increase over the next three years its share in the capital of the Briton who also specializes in racing cars, from 2.6% currently to a maximum of 20%, which corresponds to a total value of 286 million. pounds sterling (approximately € 315 million). Mercedes-Benz specifies that it does not intend to go beyond this level.

The two manufacturers have been working together since 2013. The German had taken 5% of the company's capital in exchange for the delivery of engines, but its participation was reduced in particular following the listing of Aston Martin in 2018.