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Mercedes Benz eVito the prices revealed Transport Info - Mercedes-Benz eVito: the prices revealed - Transport Info

Orders for the eVito electric model are now open in France. At launch, it is available, in a van, on the Base line. Deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2019.

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the eVito rates for France (excluding deductions for state subsidies, regional subsidies and conversion premium for the purchase of an EV). They are established as follows: eVito Long van: 45 000 € before tax ; eVito extra long van: € 45,710 excluding tax; For the passenger transport version, the eVito Tourer is based on the intermediate line Pro. The France rates are as follows: eVito Tourer long PRO: € 49,750; eVito Tourer extra-long PRO: 50 € 460 excl. Now available in French, the eVan Ready application allows potential users to check whether the transition to electricity is relevant. Simulation of a refill is also possible. The eCost Calculator allows potential customers to be informed of the potential financial gain to ride in eVito based on the following criteria: monthly leasing costs, kilometers traveled, fuel consumption, electricity / fuel prices, maintenance, insurance, tax the vehicles. In addition, a dedicated website is now available in French and Mercedes-Benz Vans France recommends charging solutions selected in partnership with the company Proxiserve.

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