Mercedes-Benz EQXX promises nearly 1,200 km of range, but won't be for sale – Futura

On the occasion of its annual shareholders' meeting held this week, Mercedes-Benz reported on an ambitious research and development project in matter of electric car. This is a concept car called EQXX whose objective is to offer cutting-edge innovations in the field of energy efficiency by targeting a autonomy 1,200 km record on a single charge.

The EQXX does not yet exist, but the German firm explains that it has assembled a multidisciplinary team, with engineers from the competition branch and F1 in particular.

An important clarification, this concept car does not prefigure a Mercedes electric series. This is a laboratory that will bring out innovations that will take place in future models. For the moment, no precise technical information or date for the presentation of the Mercedes-Benz EQXX have not been delivered. It can be assumed that to achieve this goal of 1200 km of range, the work will not only be to create a more powerful battery, but to optimize all peripheral technologies. Recovery systemsenergy from Formula 1 could also play a key role in this project.

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