Mercedes-Benz E 300 2020 test – automotive monitor

Mercedes Benz E 300 2020 test automotive monitor - Mercedes-Benz E 300 2020 test - automotive monitor

It should be noted from the outset that the "new" E-Class as announced in the manufacturer's communication … is actually not that much. Admittedly, the model has recently benefited from a nice upgrade: its optics and shields have been brought up to date with the style codes applied to the rest of the range, its interior and on-board technologies have been refined; but intrinsically, we are still dealing with the Type 213 (or 238 if we talk about the station wagon) launched in spring 2016.


Roominess 15.50

Driving position 16.00

Trunk volume 6.00

Storage 16.00

Finish / perceived quality 17.00

Average / 20 14.10


General ergonomics 16.00

GPS quality 17.00

Degree of connectivity 16.50

Standard security 15.50

Air conditioning quality 16.00

Average / 20 16.20


Seat comfort 16.50

Suspension comfort 17.00

Road behavior 16.00

Soundproof 16.50

Engine / gearbox approval 16.00

Average / 20 16.40


Base price of 13.00

Price / equipment 12.00

Measured consumption 15.00

Tax regime / taxation 15.00

Guarantees & extensions 15.50

Average / 20 14.10

Grade: 15.20

Versatility is always the key word when it comes to describing this Mercedes E 300. It is both very convincing in full electric mode, for speeding silently through low emission zones, and at the same time very comfortable for cruising at 160 km / h on the Autobahn, without fear of running out of fuel. Sufficiently docile to recharge its battery on a simple plug and recover in one night the equivalent of 50 km of electric autonomy, it is at the same time always ready to go for an escapade of more than 1,000 km, without even having to think about refueling ! We tell ourselves that Mercedes is certainly doing nothing wrong in wanting to continue down the path of Diesel hybridization. Or put more bluntly, to exploit a technology whose development it has already paid for. Will he continue for as much? Nothing is less obvious. In view of the battle that some large cities are busy waging, believing that heavy fuel no longer has a place in the tank of a private vehicle, Mercedes would have to redouble its arguments …

The qualities

  • High level of walking comfort
  • Approval, flexibility of mechanics
  • Interesting total autonomy


  • Safe penalized by the battery
  • Braking difficult to dose
  • Real interest compared to unE 300 e (gasoline)?

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