Mercedes-Benz could launch even more compact models – 45 Seconds

New compact models from Mercedes-Benz, including electric models, could be on the way. The new MFA platform is flexible enough to accommodate multiple models, according to German brand officials to an Australian publication.

Mercedes-Benz is engaged in the development of several new models. In addition to the new S-Class, which is almost unveiled, the German brand is working on other projects.

One of them is the EQA, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer's first compact electric car, due to arrive at the end of the year. However, there are rumors that suggest the launch of other compact models.

In a conversation with a reporter for the Australian publication Which Car, Mercedes-Benz compact car development manager Axel Heix and vehicle testing manager Johen Eck admitted that it was possible to offer more compact vehicles. None of them have confirmed the information, but the indicators point in this direction.

Mercedes Benz could launch even more compact models 45 Seconds - Mercedes-Benz could launch even more compact models - 45 Seconds
Mercedes-Benz EQA prototype undergoing winter testing in the Arctic

“It's clearly a big help to have a fully developed platform that can accommodate alternative movie channels. This means we don't have to worry about the basics like the suspension, the body, the interior or the exterior. All of this is fully developed and you just need to put in place an alternative film channel, ”they commented.

Flexibility allowed by the MFA platform

The Mercedes-Benz MFA platform is flexible enough to allow the development of new derivatives from existing models.

Examples are the A, GLA and CLA classes which were launched in less than two years. The new EQA will close the cycle (for now) with its official debut before the end of the year.

Which car even speculates that a compact electric model could join the already confirmed EQA.

One of the possible options would be a sedan or sedan (sedan) with an electric motor and dimensions similar to the A or CLA class, respectively.

Although the MFA platform is flexible and allows almost all types of forms, development does not happen overnight.

“We still have to carry out all the development and testing work to achieve the maturity level required for each new model and this also includes potential alternatives,” said Axel Heix.

“There is no immediate solution, but it helps to have a platform that allows you to achieve this goal,” he added.

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