This is only half a surprise, as an agreement had already existed between the two manufacturers, since 2013. But the initial stake of 5% had fallen to 2.3% following the IPO of Aston Martin in 2018. This time, things are getting serious as Mercedes-Benz announced on Tuesday its intention to increase its stake to 20%, just after the current main shareholder, the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, also present in Formula 1 with his son Lance.

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The driving force behind this merger is precisely the engines that are the Achilles heel of a constructor as upscale as Aston Martin. As prestigious as it is, the regulations are ruthless and require engines that consume less and pollute less. For those who still maintain a V12 in their stable, an engine born under the administration of Ford at the end of the last century and… produced in Germany, it is a blow. He quickly needed less polluting mechanics and it was naturally towards his partner, expert in engines, that he turned.

Objective 10,000

This will therefore require a strengthening of its technological partnership with Mercedes, which should allow the German to increase its share in the capital of the British manufacturer by up to 20%. The agreement gives Aston Martin access to a series of technologies developed by the star brand for its new generation of hybrid and electric engines as well as various components. With 6,000 cars produced per year, Aston Martin was not in a position to ensure all its development itself, requiring too much investment.

By climbing the capital according to a three-year plan which represents a total value of 286 million pounds sterling (approximately 315 million euros) Mercedes-Benz specifies that it does not intend to go beyond this level which would threaten Lawrence Stroll. It is however in line with its strategy since, since April, it is the former boss of AMG, Tobias Moers, who has become the CEO of Aston Martin. The idea is to widen the offer and if there is still V8 and V12, the new bodies, including the SUV, will welcome the V6 hybrid.

If Aston Martin has thus recovered AMG's 4.0-liter V8 engine for its own benefit, it is also Daimler's electrical architecture that it is aiming for so as not to exit the market under the battering of the regulations. . The CEO has set as a priority the loan of this electrified line which will give rise to its first hybrid in 2023. It will be with a V6, the one coming from the brand to the star perhaps or the one on which Aston Martin has been working since some months. On the other hand, Lawrence Stroll formally ruled out the rebirth of the luxury brand, Lagonda, more fashionable.