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Mercedes-Benz supported the expedition, which installed four emergency radio terminals along the slopes of Nevado Ojos del Salado, the most active and highest Chilean volcano on the planet, peaking at 6 893 meters. Two latest-generation Unimog U 5023s thus transported all of the men and equipment necessary for this expedition to 6,100 meters.

But the German manufacturer saw higher and launched the challenge to beat the world record of altitude of a wheeled vehicle by leading one of its Unimog to 6,694 meters. No vehicle had ever reached such an altitude before.

Modified versions

In order to ensure that the two trucks were ready to face these extreme conditions, the two Unimog were equipped with special tires, solid winches and a special body with a variable level center of gravity developed by museum specialists Unimog, the body shops of AS Söder and the engineers of the Daimler development team.

According to expedition leader Matthias Jeschke, "Unimog has mastered exercise and rocky passages thanks to the combination of reliable technology, an optimal center of gravity and an amazing pneumatic technology perfectly adapted to bring the equipment to these incredible heights. "

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