Mercedes aligns its vision on Ferrari for the 2021 F1 rules –

Ferrari has not vetoed the technical, sporting and financial rules that will govern Formula 1 from 2021 but was very clear: it is only a starting point and adjustments will be necessary.

Mattia Binotto, the director of Scuderia, has confirmed in Austin, Louis Camilleri also CEO: negotiations will continue to keep F1 attractive to them, especially in order not to reduce the technological component too. And there is still the Concorde Agreements (premiums and redistribution of income in particular) to sign …

On Mercedes' side, Toto Wolff has clearly aligned his vision with that of the Reds and says he is not surprised that Ferrari has finally decided not to play the veto card.

"To veto such rules would have been a very, very strong act, but it has always been clear that Ferrari would pay close attention to the use of this incredible power they have," explains the director of Mercedes F1.

"I'm not surprised that the rules were adopted because we all participated in the establishment of the latter, including the three top teams: Ferrari, Red Bull and us."

"Some other teams, however, have the same vision as us, that this 2021 regulation scratches a little bit that what Formula 1 should represent as the summit of motorsport concerning the technology used."

"I am confident that together with the FIA, in the coming months, when we come to the details, we will have a complete set of rules that will be satisfactory, as Mattia said, which was adopted on 31 October is a starting point. "

"For us, it's also a challenge, because it's a very, very different car that we'll have in 2021. So it's time to study it, do the best job possible and prove, once again, that we will have the ability to play world titles despite this big change. "

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