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A psychology student shared a video with her formula against insomnia on TikTok. Does it really help you fall asleep?

The current crisis of coronavirus It has made getting a good night’s rest much more difficult than before. Some experts even have a term for it: “Coronasomnia” or “COVID-somnia” (“Insomnia” means insomnia in English). This is the phenomenon that affects people all over the world when they experience sleep deprivation related to stress of daily life during the pandemic.

At UK, an August 2020 study from the University of Southampton, showed that the number of people who experience insomnia increased from 1 in 6 to 1 in 4, with more sleeping problems among mothers, essential workers and ethnic minority groups.

In China, insomnia rates increased from 14.6% to 20% during the strictest stage of isolation. Meanwhile in Italy, an “alarming prevalence” of clinical insomnia, and in GreeceAlmost 40% of those surveyed in a May study reported having trouble sleeping. In summary, there are now many more people who suffer from this inconvenience to fall asleep.

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Because of that our Health and productivity they could face serious problems. Factors like increased anxiety wave depression generate that break suffers or, in any case, is of poorer quality. Because, to tell the truth, it is not the amount of time you sleep, but how deep is the dream.

The Lack of sleep or the poor quality of it can cause various health problems. One of them, perhaps the one that has the most direct relationship with how we dream, is that our immune system weakens, so we will be more defenseless against possible virus infections or bacteria, undoubtedly one of the most latent concerns in the pandemic world we inhabit. But bad sleep habits are also related to a increased cortisol in the blood (the stress hormone) and a worse cardiovascular health.

However, the magnitude of the problem could generate changes and introduce new elements in the way we treat sleep disorders To get our lives back on track

Trick to regain the ability to sleep

Few elements in the diet have as many effects on the body as this essential mineral, and if you are experiencing insomnia, surely many will apply it

Some chose to resort to substances such as alcohol, that produces a slight drowsiness but very misleading, since it will not help to get the rest you need and, as is known, will do considerable damage liver.

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Recently, a trick went viral through the social network Tik Tok of a psychology student. Perhaps this is the definitive solution to the problems of insomnia. If not, there are always other ways to get to sleep effectively.

In the video, which has already been seen by more than 4 million people, the young woman explained how to fall asleep quickly and effectively. Its formula is simple and aims to create a list without feet or head, naming anything, but having the least possible connection. The user exemplifies it by making the following list: “Popes, Tarzan and violin”. He further explained: “The more random the better”.

The publication already has some 4,500 reviews and of the most varied. Some support it: “Very good strategy. I applied it and it worked, ”said one user. Another added: “This has worked for me. Simply thanks”.

But those who were most abundant were those who did not end up satisfied with this particular trick. One person ironically: “It helped me, but to waste time. I will take 10 mg of melatonin”.

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