We live in times of pandemic: months of confinement, COVID, anguish and fear … We become the tree-post where many backs can be supported, not only in the family, but also in work and / or friendships. ¿How to split Between all of us, how to deal with our own fears and, at the same time, be supportive?

Exhaustion, moodiness and irritation haunt us and are part of our day to day life. Now is when we have to appeal to support of our minds, calming them, centering them and pampering them a little.

The adjectives irritation, exhaustion, fear, anxiety, are not in the family or at work or in COVID … They are in our mind.

We need to take care of our minds, just as we take care of our bodies with food, with rest, with gymnastics, with creams or with baths and showers, we have to start taking care of our minds. How? From your home, learn to meditate and learn to use our own breath, the cheapest remedy on the market and every day, just as we brush our teeth, we wash our minds.

Today meditation is no longer a luxury: it is to lift the valve to the pressure cooker so that the pressure is released and the cooker does not explode; is dedicating quality time, 10 to 20 minutes a day for your mental hygiene.

How to start with meditation?

Sit with the right back very comfortable and supported.

Empty stomach.

Immovable body.

Comfortable legs (they do not need to be bent or in the lotus position).

Bring your attention to your breathing for the first three to five minutes.

And let the mind go where it wants to go. Put statue mode. If the mind wants to think of work think; if you want to think about the family, think about it; you, motionless.

Here is a guided meditation so you can meditate with me at no cost every day in the morning. You get up, you take a shower, you sit back on your bed and you steal these 12 minutes a day from him. It will be the best 12 minutes invested of your life. You are going to have enormous benefits: more patience, more joy, more serenity, more focus and more productivity.

You don’t need to focus on anything during meditation: meditation is deconcentration; the end result after a few days will be concentration on the task.

Someday when you can learn to meditate professionally, do it. For now do this and you will see how your life begins to change.

You will be with a more serene mind to find something and prepared to face the arduous tasks and you will shine more than you already shine.

By Beatriz V Goyoaga, general coordinator of El Arte de Vivir Latam.

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