McLaren's new wind tunnel will be a year late –

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and F1 was brought to a halt, McLaren was one of the teams that suffered the most. Heavily affected in its automotive sector, the team came close to being put into administration.

But since then, Zak Brown has revealed that the arrival of new partners and a loan taken saved his team. The only negative point, as technical director James Key explains, is the delay in certain projects, including the new wind tunnel which had been approved by the board of directors.

"These various expansion projects are slowly starting to take off again" Key explains. "We're coming out of a pretty significant global situation, and it's caused all of these projects to fall behind schedule."

“I think under the original plan we would have had our wind tunnel in the middle of next year, we would have missed the 2021 car development period, but we would have had it for the second year of those cars, in 2022. "

The upside for McLaren is that the new rules have also been postponed, but Key thinks they are losing an advantage that could have helped his team: "I guess you could say we're on similar timing right now."

"But we're going to miss that little extra technology that we would have with new infrastructure. From an engineering perspective, that's a bit of a shame. I think in terms of alignment with the regulations, it is certainly a year too late. "

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