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The arrival of a hybrid sports car at McLaren is not really a surprise, since it has been some time since the brand announced it, and there were rumors circulating about it. But for now, everything was still very theoretical, no information having been revealed by the manufacturer, who had been very mysterious about this supercar, marking an important turning point in its history. But now we know a little more, as the Woking firm has just lifted the veil on a few photos of its future creation, which nevertheless remains hidden under a thick camouflage covering the entire body. In its press release, McLaren announces that this newcomer to the range will open “ the chapter of a new era ", Becoming" a next generation supercar ". Everything therefore suggests that other electrified models will arrive a little later, while the firm has announced that it will stop heat engines a few years from now.

For now, it's difficult to distinguish the lines of this sportswoman, whose name has not yet been revealed. Entirely covered in psychedelic camouflage, it nevertheless reveals some very interesting aesthetic details, with lights on the front that seem to recall the McLaren 675LT, among others. At the rear, the imposing bumper inevitably catches the eye, as do the two round tailpipes placed high up. Either way, fans of the brand should appreciate the general lines of the machine, which clearly draw their inspiration from those of the GT and McLaren 720S, creating a more than desirable style. For its part, the interior has yet to be shown, but you will undoubtedly expect a presentation that emphasizes sportiness, with a layout inspired by the Mclaren gt. All you have to do is wait to find out!

Unique platform

For its new supercar, McLaren has decided to go big and give it a whole new technical base, with the new MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture) platform. Developed especially for future electrified models of the brand. While all the technical data have not yet been released, we already know that the sportswoman will be propelled by an association between a V6 petrol and one or more electric motors, the whole developing a power still unknown to this day. Either way, this McLaren should pave the way for a whole more virtuous lineup, as the brand announces that it " will usher in a new era of electrification for the brand, following the end of production of the Sports Series line ". If nothing has been specified, the CEO of the firm, Mike Flewitt says that the electric autonomy will be sufficient to meet the daily needs of the customers.

However, we will still need to be patient before we find out more, as the model will be officially unveiled early next year. It remains to know its technical specifications, its price and the number of copies that will be produced.

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