The McLaren team followed a rather varied program this Saturday in Bahrain with initially work and tests of aerodynamic measurements, while in the second part of the day, the British team concentrated on certain aspects of the installation of the Mercedes engine at the rear of the MCL35M.

As a reminder, the McLaren team is the only one on the grid that decided to change engine manufacturers during the winter, which forced it to homologate a new chassis for this 2021 season in order to integrate the unit as well as possible. power from the German manufacturer.

So it was because the McLaren mechanics were working on integrating the engine that Lando Norris took some time to hit the track in the afternoon.

“It was une useful day of testing – it is good to put both drivers back in the car after having had time to process and analyze what they experienced on the first day. “ McLaren’s technical director explains James Key.

“We had a pretty varied program today which we delivered as we had hoped, covering over 100 laps between our two pilots, who worked on a number of aerodynamic tests and measurements, looked at different compounds of tires in a little more detail than yesterday, as well as single-lap setups and long stints, which will give a glimpse of what to expect in these conditions. “

“Our setup tests were helpful in confirming some of the learning and direction we gained from day one, as we had more difficult track conditions than today. “

“We were also able to perform some tests to approve certain aspects of the installation and operation of our new powertrain with our colleagues at Mercedes HPP, which were completed as planned. “

“Overall it’s a positive and busy day with a good level of reliability. We only have one day of testing left before hitting the track for the first race of the season, so we hope for an equally productive day tomorrow and aim to maximize the little time we have left. “

The times of the second day

McLaren tweaked Mercedes engine installation on MCL35M this Saturday - McLaren tweaked Mercedes engine installation on MCL35M this Saturday -